Child labour and the inadequacy of the existing legal mechanism in Uganda.

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Kampala International University, School of Law
The research is based on the abuse of children's right where children are subjected to cruel work and the inadequacy of legal instruments against child labour. The research was a cross sectional duty under taken in the district of Kampala and mostly in the districts of northern Uganda. The research will cover the children who are mainly working in the urban areas as child domestic workers (C.D.Ws), bar /restaurant attendants, sex-workers, strippers and many others taken to work at fishing or landing sites and agricultural plantations. The research will also be able to examine the inadequacy of the legal instruments on child labour and the research indicates that between 25000- 30000 childrens are working. The method used includes personal interview, library research and many others. In S<;tmmary, the research identified the major causes of child labour, some limited legal instruments and mostly the effects of child labour on the victim of child labour.
A research paper submitted to the faculty of law in fulfillment for award of a Diploma in law of K.I.U
Child labour, Inadequacy, Legal mechanism, Uganda.