The protection of women's rights in Uganda; a critique and analysis of the divorce act cap 246

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Kampala International University, School of Law
The cardinal aim of the study is to critically analyze the protection of women's rights in Uganda under the Divorce Act Cap 249. In research the researcher set out to find whether the Divorce Act is effective in the protection of women's rights in Uganda. The researcher found that the Divorce Act in one way or the other does not confer equal rights to men and women hence it does not protect women's rights per se. The researcher made various recommendations for the reform some of which include, the provision on the division of property should be established, the provision on awarding a wife alone alimony should be balanced, the government has a duty to create an enabling environment for the promulgation of a new law as well as its enforcement and others.
A Dissertation Submitted To The School Of Law In Partial Fulfillment For The Requirements Of The Award Of Bachelors' Degree Of Laws Of Kampala International University
Women's rights, Uganda, Critique and analysis, Divorce act cap 246