Management style and employee turnover in Sembabule District: a case study of Kawanda Sub-County

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
The purpose of the study was to examine the impact of management style on employee turnover. The study was guided by the following research objectives namely; to determine the type of the management style in Kawanda Sub-county to investigate the causes of employee turnover in Kawanda sub-county and to establish the relationship between management styles in Kawanda sub-county. The research was descriptive and analytical in nature. The findings of the research are in agreement with the existing literature and other scholars that there is a significant relationship between management style and employee turnover. As the notion goes most employees leave managers not organization and Kawanda sub county is on exception. If sub-counties are to manage the rate of employee turnover, there is need for management to adopt management style that facilitate employee participation involvement in decision making and an open communication system where staff can express any work place grievances in an environment where they will be amicably resolved.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Award of the Bachelors Degree of Public Administration of Kampala International University
Management Style, Employee Turnover