Parenting Styles and Teenage Behaviour: A Case Study of Mpanga S.Ss Kabarole District

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Kampala International University, school of Arts with education
The study was carried out in Mpanga SSS in Kabarole district. It was intended to examine the parenting styles and teenage behavior. The study was limited to the objectives like determining the styles of parenting, finding out the significant relationship between parenting and teenage misbehavior and to examine the impact of parenting styles on teenagers. From the findings, it was concluded that poor parenting styles are the leading cause of teenage misbehavior so; Parents should however always nurture their children in proper ways like giving them the required basics of how to behave morally and socially to avoid complications. The study also recommended that Parents should be sensitized about how to carry on good and appropriate parenting styles on their children for example the community leaders like social workers, counselors, psychologists should organize meetings in the communities and teach the parents the dangers of abandoning their duty of parenting. The parents should be good role models and should spare time and spend it with their children. They should not be too strict and they should not too be laxity. Both extremes can lead to teenage misbehavior. Mpanga SSS community should also put in place counseling firms to help teenagers in terms of counseling because most of them need counseling but they find no one to talk to. The government should at least every year create jobs for these teenagers so that they become busy for the more they are idol the more they misbehave. Religious and local leaders should set upright morals accepted by society, for example, way of dressing which may lead to rape. The youth should be encouraged to participate in youth fellowships for behavior change and on the other hand parents nay join social groups like Fathers Union or Mothers Union which are good in teaching good parenting styles
A Research Report Submitted to the College Of Education Distance, Open, and E Learning, in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Award of a Bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Parenting Styles and Teenage Behaviour, Mpanga S.Ss Kabarole District