Human presence and environment degradation of national park: a case study of Aberdare National Park in Kenya

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Kampala International University, School of engineering and applied science
The Aberdare national park is in the Aberdare range which is in Nyeri, central province in Kenya. The climate is of equatorial type and luxuriant vegetation. Human population is increasing at high rate which raises an alarm to the fragile ecosystem which to some is considered as “waste lands”. The key objective of the study was to identif~,r reasons of resource degradation as influenced by human presence. We all ask ourselves how the future environment will look like when human are developing new ways of development at the expense of the environment and increasing on pollution. Humans are a great threat to the environment and that’s why they need to be examined and given sustainable solution. The study was both descriptive in design, and it based on primary and secondary data to establish the magnitude of the problem. The primary methods included interview, questionnaire and observation. It gave a chance for ground truthing or counter checking with the secondary data which was obtained from numerous books, newspapers and journals. The major findings in deterioration of the environment in the area of study were illegal activities like logging, charcoal production, poaching, mining and marijuana planting. Poor policies have pave way for crop farming in the forest, which later has become a problem. Nomadic pastoralist and deforestation also had their share. The activities cause or initiate climate change, global warming, inadequate rainfall because of the loss of trees which are forever having numerous benefits and loss of bio diversity. At least the problem was not the first time for the community to hear about, they knew about it and they had some measures which they were practising to curb the deterioration Recommendations were also raised with a purpose to address the weak points which went unmentioned, and as a means of updating the community with the current and best strategy to curb the current dynamism of the topic problem.
A research dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of requirements for the award of a Bachelor of Science in Environment Management of Kampala International University
Human presence, Environmental degradation, National park, Aberdare National Park, Kenya