Procurement and service delivery in organizations:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The researcher was interested to investigate on e-procurement and service delivery in organisations: a case study of Uchumi Supermarket, Kabalagala Branch. The researcher set objectives which were intended to; establish the benefits of e-procurement in delivering services to customers at Uchumi supermarket, to determine the factors hindering the implementation of eprocurement at U chumi supermarket and to explore measures that can be adopted in implementing e-procurement for service delivery at Uchumi supermarket. The literature was reviewed based on the above objectives. In chapter tlu·ee, the researcher used a descriptive and explanatory research design basing on the qualitative and quantitative data which were got from interviews, questionnaires and observation. The researcher had a total population of respondents of 45 people from who a sample size of 40 respondents were selected using Krejucie, Robert V, Morgan, Daryle W, table of 1970. Chapter four of this research included data presentation, interpretation and analysis and was done under the guidance of the research objectives set in chapter one. The interpretation also sought to answer the research questions that were raised. Presentation and interpretation of data was done with the aid of quantitative and qualitative methods involving the use of tables, graphs, percentages. The researcher made a summary of findings, conclusions and recommendations in order to establish the role of e-procurement on purchasing in supply chain management and to make possible suggestions in chapter five. The researcher concluded that there was a relationship between e-procurement and service delivery in organizations. This was evidenced by the majority of the respondents who strongly agreed to the benefits of e-procurement in delivering services to customers. The researcher further gave the recommendations that Uchumi Supermarket should carefully analyze its own business processes and procurement transactions and training should be given a high priority, alongside the need for public sector agencies to identify the skills required by all those engaged in procurement, Electronic procurement systems should be made part and pmiial of the decision making as a way of availing reliable information in the organizations and finally, the areas for fu1iher researcher were also suggested.
A Research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements the a ward of a Bachelor’s Degree in supplies and procurement management of Kampala International University
Procurement, Service delivery, organizations, Uganda