Local governance and health service delivery Nakawa division Kampala City Authority

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The purpose of the study was to test the of no significant relationship between Local governance and Health service provision in Nakawa division, to generate new information on Governance and Service Delivery and to bridge the gaps from the exiting review of literature. The study was guided by three specific objectives that include; to investigate the level of health service delivery in Nakawa division, to determine the extent of local governance in Nakawa division in relation to health service delivery and to establish the relationship between local governance and service delivery. The study employed a descriptive survey design specifically the descriptive correlational strategy and a sample size of 133 respondents out of 200 was used. The study revealed that local governance in Nakawa division is visible and practical in providing health services to the people. This was supported with an overall mean of 2.51 interpreted as high further studies indicated that out that health service provision needs serious focus to meet the demands of the people in Nakawa division. The study analysis ranked health service provision with a low rank at a mean of 1.92 interpreted as low. The average mean of the study on level of health service provision was 2.45 interpreted as high. The study showed that there is an existing gap in health service provision in the division, the relationship between the Level of Local Governance and Health Service Delivery is significant since the computed P-value is less than 0.05. The null hypothesis Dissertation was rejected. The study recommends that On Level of Local Governance, the researcher recommends that leaders try to be cooperative with the local community to find solutions to the problems that retard development of the service provision sector in the division. There should be accountability of all resources of the division to avoid corruption and resource related issues as stated by the respondents in the interview guide. There should be a budget line for the division to improve in order to allocate funds to the health sector in order to reduce delays of services. On Health in Nakawa division, there should be the council Authorities and other agencies should readily improve sanitation through rubbish collection.
A Dissertation Presented to the College of Social Work and Social Sciences Kampala International University, Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the degree of Bachelor of Public Administration
Local governance, Health service delivery, Nakawa division, Kampala City Authority