The Influence of Single Parent Families on Academic Performance Among Secondary School Students of Kapchorwa Municipality the Case Study of Kapchorwa Town Council.

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Kampala International University, School of Education, Open and Distance and E-learning
A single parent is one either a man or woman who was living independently with his children without the other partner they had had children or a child with. Single-parent-families are now very common to many societies today particularly kapchorwa and this were caused by separation of the parents, divorce and death. This study seeks therefore to investigate the influence of single-parent-families on academic performance of secondary school students in Kapchorwa town council. In this study, the comparative research design was used coupled with qualitative and quantitative research approaches. The design was good in dealing with cause and effect relationships of variables involved in such studies. This study therefore gathered qualitative and quantitative data for students’ academic performances scored, and learner’s attitudes towards schooling through the use of questionnaires, interview schedules and documentary review. Or related literature. This approach allowed greater interaction between the researcher and informants/respondents. The findings revealed that the mean mark of students from single parenthood was higher than that of students from two parent families. Also, students from mother-headed families had a much lower mean mark while those from two parent families had a higher mean mark they differ by approximately 2.7%. Furthermore, the mean mark of students from father-headed households was approximately higher than those from mother headed families and that of students from two parent families who scored 31.9% by an average score of 7.8% It was thus generalized that students from single parent families had mean academic performances that were lower than that of students from two parent families. Thus the government, school administrators, counselors and teachers, as well as parents and school communities, should altogether provide for necessities that students from single parent families need alongside love, care and emotional support for better performance in school and also to make them better citizens in this country.
A Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for Award of Bachelor of Arts with Education, Department of Arts and Languages of Kampala International University.
Single Parents Families, Academic Performance, Students, Secondary School, Kapchorwa District