The impact of administrative work on employee effectiveness: A case study of Posta-Uganda Limited

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Kampala International University, Faculty of Social Sciences
The general objective of the study was to establish the impact of administrative work on employee effectiveness. Th~ study was carried out in Posta Uganda Limited located along Kampala Road in the city of Kampala. The researcher took a sample total of 60 participants .who included 40 employees, 10 administrative officers and 10 administrative assistants. The study findings were investigated in line with the research questions of the study. The first research question was, "what are the management factors that influence motivation" A research was conducted in order to answer that question and finding revealed the t though many staff feel they are treated well, the study discovered that members o · staff of the support staff felt management was to blame for the low effectivenes; of staff. The major recommendations were, that the company should try to pay in time ,and pay according to inflation levels because levels of payment at all levels of work influence motivation. When an individual is highly motivated then they do not think of other alternatives to their work and hence concentrate which results in better performance in the job. Management should try to involve workers in the decision making processes before implementing company wide changes. This will make the staff feel part of the team and hence struggle to achieve the set goals-which they were part of. This will lead to higher levels of commitment and resulting in higher levels of service delivery effectiveness.
A research report submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in of the requirements partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelors' Degree in Public Administration of Kampala International University
administrative work, employee