The Adolescents Sexuality among Secondary Schools Students Causes and Interventions Adopted

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Kampala International University, College of Education
This study was conducted to establish the cause of sexuality among the adolescents stage in Rubaga Division. Kampala District, this was after realizing the negative effects resulted from sexuality. This chapter presents the result of the analysis of data according to the objectives of the study which were; To find out the causes of sexuality among adolescents, to determine background characteristics of adolescents which have bearing an sexuality and to find out the possible solution to the problem of sexuality among adolescents. The study was conducted among youth and in schools. particularly in Mengo senior. school and Kasubi Secondary School an~ the selection was done randomly from adolescents students provide information about the existence of sexuality among themselves. The findings of this study indicate that lack of penent care, drug abuse curiosity, social, pressure and education system matters so much towards causing sexuality among adolescents pupil in Rubaga division. ' ' The study concluded that the sexuality among the adolescents will keep on prevail not until appropriate measures are put in place to solve it.· However it is upon this background that the following recommendations were made. The government of Uganda should do more by· organ1zmg workshops, refreshers, courses and conducting seminars. So that these adolescents pupils can be equipped with knowledge about dangers associated with sexuality. The government of Uganda should .... ephance the parents or guardian to always take care of their children especially young girls because the results X revealed that exposition of these adolescept an~ very impor.tant towards causing sexuality therefore enhancing to protect their children would minimize this problem. The research recommends sex education to be put in school curriculum in order to be taught in school hence putting all these measures in place sexuality among adolescents can be reduced.
Research Report to the Faculty of Education Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of Requirement for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University August,2010
Adolescents Sexuality, Secondary Schools Students, Interventions, Uganda.