Causes of high dropout rate of girls in upper primary in Nagongera Sub County Tororo District Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
During the research on "Causes of high dropout of girls in Upper Primary", much was discovered, which indicated to the research to the research that since the Universal Primary Education programme, parents send boys and girls to school. The problem of school fees which used to limit them was no longer there. However, it has been found out that as girls grow towards adolescence stage, the parents begin to discourage and even retain them at home to do domestic work. They begin preparing them for feminine work. Also with the high birth rate which has continued unchecked, girls are often retained as baby sitters in the homes on the grounds that can do it better than their counterparts, boys. It was also found out that the ,;ou, ,:oeling s,1v1,.c i he girls received at school were inadequate. This was evidenced by the fact that some teachers who would be their counselors abuse them sexually. It was also discovered that as these girls mature, they begin forming informal groups whose attitude towards education was negative and this had led to dropping out of school. Some parents think that girls are sources of income or wealth, and that if they stayed at school longer, they would grow old hence fetch no bride price for the home. This indigenous view has been one the causes of early marriages. Through sensitization, parents should know that given an opportunity, girls can measure up to equal levels with their counterparts academically.
A research report submitted to the Institute Of Open And Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of Diploma Primary Education of Kampala International University
Drop out, Girls, Upper primary, Tororo District, Uganda