Financial resource management challenges on private primary schools in Uganda: a case study of Makindye east sub division, Kampala district

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
This report is about a study that aims at establishing the financial resource management challenges on private primary schools in Uganda. The study was conducted from six-selected primaiy school in Makindye East Sub Division, Kampala District. The study involved 150 respondents; 6 head teachers, 24 teachers and 120 pupils. The study used self-administered questionnaires and an interview guide as the major data collection instruments. A review of the relevant written documents was also done to supplement the primary data. The data collected was presented in frequency counts and score tables with varying percentages calculated. Interpretations and conclusions were made according to the number of occurrences of each item. The study findings reveal that there is a vast assortment of financial resource challenges in the private primary schools in Makindye East Sub Division, Kampala district. These include personnel-related challenges, social and financial challenges. The study findings further revealed that all the challenges faced in the private primary schools were in a way related to inadequate funds. By the fact that the study findings could not be generalized some recommendations were suggested: There is urgent need to separate the school financial resource management from their ownership and involve the staff members in the schools' decision making process To generate productivity gains, there is need to improve school structures, train administrative staff, encourage initiative and reward efficiency, with this one done, employees will be motivated to affect their work roles. The government, especially the Ministry of Education and Sports should ensure that private primary schools have sufficient facilities before granting them a license to operate. Such should include a formidable source of income. Qualified staff sufficient instructional materials and physical facilities. iv). There is need for private primary schools to set up income generating projects so as to supplement on the income from pupils' school fees. In view of the study findings, areas for further research were suggested as can be seen in chapter five
A research report submitted to the internal examiners of Kampala international university as a partial fulfilment for the award of a diploma in primary education
Primary education, Financial resource management, Challenges, Private primary schools, Makindye east sub division, Kampala