An assessment of NGO's performance on people living With HIV /AIDS a case of Rakai Counsellor's Association

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Kampala International University, Institute of Open and Distance Learning
The main impOiiance of this research was to asses the NGOs' performance on People Living with HIV I AIDS in Rakai District. AIDS is still a serious problem because it has led to increased number of widows (Female Headed house holds), orphans, decrease in labor, Child Headed House holds, immoral behaviors like rape and defilement, stigmatization. There fore the researcher found it imperative to conduct this study to address this problem in Lutungu Village and in Rakai District as a whole. The researcher was carried out in Lutungu village, Lwanda parish, Rakai District; however the Research study was carried out only in one NGO that to say Rakai Counsellors' Association which is located at the District Head quatiers. Random sampling method was used to get different respondents. The respondents included PLWHAs, Orphans and the Staff of RACA and this totaled to 45 (forty five) respondents used. The data was collected through interviewing and the questionnaires to the respondents which were answered. The researcher formulated questions which she distributed to the respondents to fill in, thus getting the needed info1mation because the researcher was interested in getting different options or views from the respondents. This saved time since few hours were needed for the respondents to answer questions asked by filling in the gaps. Interviews were conducted to enrich the data this was because they high response, better compression and I was able to get first hand or primary information. The findings of this study were therefore ensured of good management of PLWHAs, offering services through NGOs' intervention and the govenm1ent. Unlike any other area in Rakai, Lutungu Village, Lwanda Parish are open about the disease.
A dissertation submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Diploma of Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University
performance, NGO's