Attitudes of pupils towards mathematics among schools in Nansana town council Wakiso district, Uganda

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Kampala international international: College of Education, open and distance learning
This study investigated the attitudes of pupils towards mathematics in Nansana town council primary schools in Wakiso District. The study was to find the teachers use of appropriate methods of teaching mathematics, attitudes of pupils and teachers towards mathematics and the relationship between pupil's attitudes towards mathematics and their performance in mathematics. Approximately 50 pupils from five different sampled selected primary schools were selected for the study. In addition IO teachers were interviewed. Their attitudes towards mathematics were studied using questionnaire, observation and discussion. The data was analyzed using percentages and the major findings were also recorded in this book. The major findings were pupils of Nansana Town Council Primary Schools have positive attitudes towards mathematics, teachers of Nansana Town Council do not use appropriate methods of teaching mathematics and there is a relationship between pupil's performance and their attitudes. This led to the conclusion that although the performance in mathematics in Nansana town council is generally poor and in spite of the popular assumption that poor performance is as a result of pupils' negative attitudes towards Mathematics the reality on the ground is that pupils do not hate Mathematics but are only less enthusiastic because of the low marks generally acquired in Mathematics. It has been therefore recommended that Mathematics teachers should stop assuming that most pupils have negative attitudes towards Mathematics and instead adopt positive feelings about their pupils while teaching the subjects
A research report submitted to the institute of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment for the requirement of the award of a diploma in primary education of Kampala international university
Primary education, Pupils, Mathematics, Nansana town council