Tribal clashes and education on some selected secondary schools in Isiolo district, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open and Distance Learning
"It is of course well known that the only source of war is politics ........... War is simply a continuation of political intercourse, with the addition of other means" - Carl Von clause witz. War may be defined as; a state of open, armed, often prolonged conflict carried on between nation’s states or parties or a condition of active antagonism or contention Education is increasingly becoming universal. History of Education is both long and short. In 1994, Dieter Lenzaen, President of the Freie Universitat, said 'Education began either millions of years ago or at the end of 1770". This quote by lenzen includes the idea that education as a science cannot be separated from the educational traditions that existed before. Education was the natural response of early civilization to the struggle of surviving and thriving as a culture with shot description of both table clashes and education, the two factors have had a lot of effect since the ardent of shifta war in early sixties. It has necessitated me to carry out on a brief report on the significance of tribal clashes on the general performance of Education. Many are times when people live in perpetual fear, neighbors turning against one another owing to the fact that they subscribe to the different ethnic groups. The tribal hegemonies have controlled Isiolo District m general for a long period of time leading to destruction of private property, making people live in internally displaced persons camps and the unfortunate of all it leads loss of life. 1-n education context tribal clashes have had devastating effect in the sense that educational infrastructure have been turned into ruins, teachers displaced and students fail to attend classes due to constant fear.
A research report presented to the College of Education Open and Distance Learning of Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelors Degree in Education
Tribal clashes, Education, secondary schools, Isiolo district, Kenya.