Age, gender and pupils' academic performance in primary schools in Kasozi parish, Nakitoma Sub County, Nakasongola district

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Kampala International University, Institute of Open and Distance Learning
The study was centered on the effect of Age, gender on pupils' academic performance in Kasozi Parish Nakitoma Sub county Nakasongola district. I<asozi parish being an area most of it covered by Ranches and partly by Ziwa Rhino sanctuary has scarce population. Their children move long distances to access school. This results into some pupils to delay to join school at early age. Its at an exh·eme end of the district, teachers also do not like to work there when posted. The objectives were to determine the effect of age on academic performance, to establish effect of gender on academic performance and to analyze other factors determining academic performance in primary schools of Nakitoma Sub County. The study employed descriptive correlation research design. The sample size was class one and class five, comprising of 3 head teachers, 6 class teachers and 90 pupils. The source of data tool was the result sheet and addition data was secured using class registers where pupils' age could be got. Data was obtained from result slips / sheet and register where pupils' performance, age and gender are recorded respectively. Interviews were also conducted with headteachers, teachers to obtain data on the other factors affecting pupils' performance. Data analysis was done using statistical approach. The findings shows that age does not affect academic performance of learners of same age. Desire of opposite sex distorts child's concenh·ation and hence poor performance is yielded. Learners of different gender perform well when equally treated, positive feedback encourages their performance. The findings on other factors affect pupils' academic performance were teachers' participation, environment and nature of school structure and administration. The study concluded that age, and pupils' academic performance in primary school can be promoted through access of school at right time, equity handling among learners, availability of resources and good enviromnent. The study recormnended that Its only interest, active participation and concentration of learners promote performance, parent schools be sensitized the importance of taking their pupils to school at early age of six, consistent guidance and counseling to be given gender and build unity and courage among themselves. The government to play its role in dish·ibuting resources to schools.
A research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of a Diploma in Primary Education of Kampala International University
Age, gender