Absenteeism and academic performance of learners in secondary schools in Makindye Sub-county Kampala District.a case study of St. peters s.s Nsambya

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Kampala International University,College of Education
The purpose of this study is to establish the impact of absenteeism on the academic performance of students in secondary school. Specifically the study wanted to • Find out how long distance affects the performance of learners. o Findout how poor feeding affects the performance of learners in secondary schools. o Findout how domestic work affects the learners’performance. The study was done by developing a conceptual framework relating the factors causing absenteeism and how it leads to poor performance. The study used both qualitative and quantitative research design .It covered 50 respondents, 6 head teachers, 10 teachers and 34 students. Questionnaires which are open-ended were used. Interviews and group discussion were also ~mployed to get reliable ideas. These were supplemented on by school attendance record books such as registers. UCE and UACE manuals were also used. Graphs of the questionnaire data are presented for each sub-group illustrating the type and frequency of responses indicated in the questionnaire. Statistical analysis was used. Similarities and differences of the survey responses of boys and girls was found out including their opinions. The study revealed that a majority of the students said that they involved in work at home which affects their domestic work. Most respondents said that parents do notadequately provide basic needs to their children. Results from the interviews showed that students were not well while at school and that was the reason why most of them would dodge school. Most of the teachers agreed that there is no ~ccess to water since the school could not boil drinking water. The parents should be sensitized by the teachers on the importance of their student’s academics so that they change the proper way of handling their children and give them time to read books. The government should come out with a law by MOE and other educational stakeholders to guide the children against child labor
A research report submitted to the college of education open, distance and e-learning for the award of a bachelors Degree of education with sciences at Kampala International University
Academic performance, Absenteesim, Secondary school, Kampala District