The influence of delegation and accountability in the management of public primary schools: case study of public primary schools in Nyabubare sub-county - Bushenyi district

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
A number of factors have always frustrated the efforts of the researcher to deliver services in attempt to investigate into the influence of delegation and accountability in the management of selected primary schools in Nyabubare sub-county. The research was carried out in Government schools. Government primary schools in Uganda are not yielding fruits to the expectations of the people and instead people are becoming poorer. It was observed that the inadequacy of the services in Bushenyi District and Nyabubare Sub County in particular is basically because of the limited finances possessed both by the Government and other voluntary organizations. After gathering data, the researcher also analyzed it, presented it and discussed the findings. These findings are of great use to whoever is interested in the development of public primary schools in Nyabubare Sub County like the Government, Donor agencies and voluntary organizations. Thus the researcher concluded that head teachers and teachers should use the tools of delegation and accountability as effective measures for proper management and administration by schools. He therefore recommended that it is imperative that all head teachers work hand in hand with teachers, parent teachers associations and Boards of Governors and other relevant committees that can effectively manage primary schools. Various recommendations and conclusions were made from this study as indicated in the last chapter of the booklet.
Dissertation Submitted as a Partial Requirement for the Award of Bachelor of Public Administration of Kampala International University.
Delegation and accountability, Public primary schools, Nyabubare sub-county - Bushenyi district