Remunerations and Productivity of Civil Servants in Selected Institutions of the Justice Law and Order Sector (JLOS) in Kampala, Uganda

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Society for Promoting International Research and Innovation(SPIRI)
Efforts to improve economic growth and reduce poverty in Countries of the South- Uganda inclusive for the realization of the MDGs have brought into focus the need for capable, accountable, effective and efficient civil servants. The aim of this study was to investigate the influence of remunerations on productivity of civil servants in selected institutions of JLOS in Kampala, Uganda. The descriptive correlation design was employed. 20 respondents formed the sample size of the study and vigilantly redesigned standardized questionnaire was used. Descriptive and inferential data analyses were done. The findings indicated a positive association (r = 0.499) between the cause and effect variable and a causal relationship through regression analysis was also ascertained (R2 = 24.9). This meant that remunerations had impact on the productivity of civil servants in the JLOS. Recommendations were made to the effect that there was a need for a reconsideration of incentives given to employees and also a consideration of all other determinants of productivity of civil servants in the JLOS.
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Productivity, JLOS, Uganda, Renumirations