The socio-demographic effects of HIV/AIDS on women in Acholi Sub Region

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Kampala International University.College Of Humanities and social science
This study investigated the soc10 demographic effects of HIV/AIDS on women living with HIV/AIDS in Acholi Sub region, northern Uganda. The specific objective was to explore the socio-demographic burdens of HIV/AIDS on women and to examine gender roles that render women vulnerable to HIV/ AIDS, then find out coping strategies of women affected and Infected with HIV/AIDS in the community in order to come up with a helpful generalization for people affected by and infected with HIV/ AIDS in Acholi sub region. The study utilized primary data, collected from a sample of I 00 women from Acholi Sub region both Affected and Infected with HIV/ AIDS targeting 6 sub counties estimated to be having high HIV prevalence rate hence forth representing the whole of northern region. Data was collected using a semi-structured questionnaire and analyzed in SPSS program. It was found out that HIV/ AIDS has had a significant impact on Women in Acholi Sub region but differ according to residence, marital status, employment status and the number or children ever born. In this regard this is an important study in promoting gender roles in the light against HIV impacts. The study recommended that women living with HIV/AIDS be trained and provided with Income generating Activities coupled with a number of follow ups for progress.
Dissertation submitted to department of Social Science & Law for partial fulfillment of the a ward of a bachelors degree in Guidance & Counselling of Kampala International University
Socio-demographic, HIV/AIDS, Women, Acholi Sub Region