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    Project report for design of a website for abacus tours Uganda
    (Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology, 2009-06) Kamukama, Asaph
    The speed at which tourism industry growing in Uganda, East Africa and Africa as a whole has created need to extensively advertise to the rest of the world through internet based advertising. This project therefore was to develop a web solution for Abacus tours Uganda. Our study has established that unlike all other forms of advertising (Electronic and print media and word of mouth), the internet based advertising commands a wider coverage is more appealing to the user and is less expensive than the rest. This report presents some functional and non functional requirements for this system to operate fully as well as enable anyone understand some basics of web site development. The report also presents series of conceptualization, navigation schemes together with thelogical structure reflected by this website in a detailed manner.
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    Information website Kampala International University accommodation service providers
    (Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology, 2010) Rotich, Cheruiyot Benard
    This research project was conducted to avail a centralized source of information concerning accommodation services provided by private hostels and other rental buildings for Kampala International University members. Current accommodations services provide by the university are limited. The research involved establishing the information one need to facilitate acquiring of these services by any individual of Kampala international University at any given time any where. This research appreciates the availability of internet services within and outside the university, which provide unlimited access to web information at any given time anywhere. The research involved gathering potential users requirements then designing and availing the web site to the users to evaluate its usability and recommend improvements.
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    Information website :
    (Kampala International University, College of Computing and Information Technology, 2010-08) Ngonzi, Monic Kasyata
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    An evaluation of ICT use in institutions of higher learning in Burundi: a case study of Bujumbura Province
    (Kampala International University, School of computing and Information technology, 2019-06) Dalton, Kwizera Otto
    The study evaluates the use of ICT in institutions of higher learning in Burundi. A case study of Bujumbura Province. The study was guided by the following objectives namely; To find out the how the cost of ICT training materials is affecting ICT usage in the Institutions of higher learning in Bujumbura Province, To examine the effect of skills development in ICT on the usage of ICT in institutions of higher learning in Bujumbura Province and To assess the relevance of administrative support on ICT usage in institutions of higher learning in Bujumbura Province. The study found that the cost of purchasing, installing and maintaining ICT training materials is high. It also indicated that the cost of ICT training materials significantly affect the usage of ICT training materials. This study adopted a descriptive survey design. The study considered a total population of 300 participants who included the lecturers and the students and the sample size was 133 respondents. Similarly the study found that the skills development the teaching staff and students kept on improving from ordinary level to advanced level and finally to tertiary level of their education. However, the study indicated that skills development does not significantly affect the usage of ICT training materials. The study made the following recommendations at per the findings. The management of institutions of higher learning should ensure that they get expert employees who will be able to provide them with cheap ICT training materials. In addition, the same ICT experts can help in the installation and maintenance of ICT training materials at cheap rates. There is need for the students and the teaching staff to be encouraged to receive comprehensive training in different areas in ICT so as to be able to successfully use ICT training materials such as the internet, scanners and different web-portals. The administrative body should do their best and support the venture of ICT training materials financially, technically, and managerial. In other words they should finance the buying of more computers, connection to internet, building of computer labs and employment of lab technicians.
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    Development of an improved Web-based System for the Human Resource Management Unit of Somali University
    (Kampala International University, School of Computing and Information Technology, 2019-10) Mohamed, Abdullahi Said
    Human Resource (HR) unit is a vital department in any institution of higher learning. The unit manages the staff welfare, recruits new staff and keep track of their records until retirement. The unit is also responsible for adequate dissemination of information through official memo and online communication to the entire stake holders of the institutions and beyond. The main objective of this study was to introduce a substantial improvement to the existing website that was been used by the HR unit of Somali University. The analysis of the old system shows that it requires improvement in the areas of security, usability, design patterns etc. In an attempt to achieve this, the stake holders within the unit were interviewed and some relevant information they gave was documented. Opportunity was also given to interact with the old system and some of its weaknesses were also documented for improvement. Specifically, the security and administration, information dissemination module, design styles module and navigations were some of the areas identified for improvement. The combination of these modules into one application assures the perfect platform for re-engineering and aligning Human Resource processes with a view to achieving sustainable Institutional goals. This study model some activities with Unified Modelling Language (UML), and the new improved system uses dot net framework for the overall implementation of the designs, while CSS was used for the menu design. Also, Sql server 2014 was used as the backend for the systems and the system undergoes testing as the development progresses in line with the waterfall model software development strategy. The usability of the system as tested by 50 users in conformance with System Usability Scale (SUS) approach shows that, the system has a usability of 75.15%. The proposed system is found to achieve significant improvements when compared to the old system based on a number of metrics.