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Title: Factors Influencing Indiscipline of Students in Secondary School in Kibwezi Division, Kiaoni Village, In Kathyaka Zone of Kibwezi District - Kenya.
Authors: Ndulu Ndivo, Saphina
Keywords: Indiscipline
Secondary School
Kibwezi District - Kenya
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: Kampala International University, bachelors degree in secondaryeducation
Abstract: The study on the factors influencing indiscipline of students in Secondary schools in Kibwezi Division was carried out with the main objective of examining the factors influencing indiscipline of students. The specific objectives of the study were to establish whether the family background is a factor that influences indiscipline in selected Secondary schools, to assess the laxity of administration influences indiscipline among students in selected Secondary schools, to determine whether the welfare of students influences indiscipline in selected Secondary schools, to find out whether the quality of meals influences students indiscipline and to find out whether the punishments can influence the indiscipline of students. The research objectives were tested by means of questionnaires, documentation and observation, the researcher discovered that most of the students were happy with the welfare and meals that were provided at school because the food was not of good quality and this makes them to be in disciplined. Consequently, can be observed that if welfare, meals are not improved then indiscipline is bound to occur still.
Description: Research Report Submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelors Degree in Secondary Education of Kampala International University
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