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Title: Credit policy and performance of commercial banks: a case study of Stanbic Bank Rukungiri Branch
Authors: Karangira, Rubagumya Enock
Keywords: Credit policy
Commercial banks
Stanbic Bank
Issue Date: May-2015
Publisher: Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management
Abstract: Srnnbic bank was founded in Uganda as the National Bank of India in 1906. After several na111e changes, it beca111e Grindlays Bank. In 1991, Standard Bank bought the Grindlays Bank network in Africa. Stanbic Bank (Uganda) Limited is a commercial bank in Uganda. It is the largest commercial bank in the country, with an estimated asset valuation of ugx I 657500 million as of February 20 I 0. The bank is involved in all aspects of commercial banking, focusing on servicing large. medium and s111all business enterprises as well as individuals. The bank has about 17% of the bank branches in the country Rukungiri inclusive. The branch was established in Rukungiri because of the desire to create a financial service provider which would touch base with 111ajority ot· the population in Rukungiri. The need to co111e up with the institution was out of the realisation that 111ost people lacked access to financial services or si111ply could not afford the111. In this study, I focused on the effects of credit policy on the performance of stanbic bank Rukungiri branch. We used interviews, observations and questionnaires to extract information li-0111 the rando111ly sa111pled respondents to help us understand how credit policy is used by stanbic bank and its i111pact on the performance of the bank. We obtained the findings and analyzed the data by use of tables (hypothetical) and charts which helped to present data and afrive at conclusion and recommendations. This piece of work has been co111piled and is presented a very simple language easy lo understand. a lot ofter111inologies have been avoided. I therefore welco111e you to have a humble time in reading this work. There are new and knowledge building findings in the work, a lot or inspirations. Thank you.
Description: Research dissertation submitted to the College of Applied Economics and Management sciences in partial fulfilment for the a ward of bachelors degree in Business Administration Finance option at Kampala International University
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