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Title: China's aid and its contributions to Africa and Nigeria development
Authors: Jaiyeola Egogwe, Mehifu
Keywords: China's aid
Nigeria development
Issue Date: Nov-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: The analysis of this thesis was done with most reflections on development theories concerning China's development aid assistance to Nigeria and the impact on development. These were dependency and modernization theories. Further, the dependency theory was found suitable because it enabled the analysis to look critically on the level of interdependent between Nigeria and China concerning China's aid in the development of particular countries according to the findings. While the modernization theory was found relevant in the analysis as it enabled for critical explanation and understanding of some of its features with regards to Chinese aid particularly with aid geared towards infrastructure development in Nigeria, which is an aspect of modernization. In all, the thesis drawn its conclusion from the ruling of the above hypothesis, which after a critical look at the findings and as they were analysed, it turned out to be that majority of the findings were that China provides aid to Africa and specifically Nigeria because China want resources. But, China's contribution towards the achievement of development in Nigeria is quite significant and cannot be undermined. However, there remains an open end to this thesis regarding the fact that what will happen in the future when these resources especially the natural resources are depleted of? Will China still continue or will it stop to provide development aid assistance to Africa and specifically Nigeria? This perspective is left for further research on the above area of studies.
Description: A Thesis Submitted to the College of Higher Degrees and Research in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Master of Art in Development Studies
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