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Title: The Effects of Budgetary Controls in an Organization's Performance: A Case Study of Action Aid Uganda
Authors: Nakiyingi, Olivia
Keywords: Budgetary Controls
Organization's Performance
Action Aid
Issue Date: Dec-2010
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: This is a research report on the effects of budgetary controls in a "not for profit" organisation called AAU. It is a study on budgetary control as a financial tool in guiding the making of optimal financial decisions to attain high-level performance. It was carried out to investigate on budgetary practices (budgetary controls) in AAU, to evaluate the performance of the organisation and whether there was a relationship between these controls and the organisation performance of AAU. To achieve the study objectives, the researcher collected data, which included both primary and secondary data. With primary data, the researcher selected a sample size amounting to 48 and Questionnaires were issued of which only 26 responded to the researcher Physical observations as well as personal interviews were used as primary data by the researcher. While, journals, newspapers, Government publications and research agency resource centers were used as secondary data. After collecting data, the researcher employed both qualitative and quantitative methods with the aid of descriptive analysis of performance of AA U was carried out in terms of activities performed by the organisation as well as the challenges and successes scored. The research findings are discussed basing on the objectives of the study. The researcher found out that budgetary control exists in AAU though not fully enhanced by managers who are not strong enough to commit to these controls and this has resulted in a failure to achieve the objectives of the organisation. Instead of committing funds to planned activities, the funds are instead directed to the plan and this really leaves AAU with a threat of liquidation. The researcher recommends that the organisation put in place restrictions and strong measures to make sure that managers strongly commit themselves in enhancing budgetary control policy to help AAU achieve its objectives. Further recommendations included in the organisation gives short-term courses in relevant fields of Accounting, Finance and Effective IT Techniques.
Description: A Research Report Submitted in Partial Fulfillment to the School of Business and Management for the Award of a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University
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