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Title: A computerized pharmacy stock control management system a case study of kyembogo holy cross health centre iii
Authors: Tulinawe, Joseph
Keywords: pharmacy stock
control management
holy cross health
Issue Date: Jul-2017
Publisher: Kampala International University,School of Computing and Information Technology
Abstract: A computerized pharmacy stock control management system is a computer program or set of programs designed to capture, store, manage the creation and maintenance of pharmacy' records in an organization. Records management (RM) is the practice of controlling records of an organization from the time they are created to the time of disposal which includes identifying, creating, classifying, using, storing, securing, retrieving, and destroying or permanently preserving records. The major objective of the study was to design a computerized pharmacy stock control Management System that would help Kyembogo Holy Cross Health Centre III to efficiently and effectively manage pharmacy records The specific objectives of this study were to investigate the current system of pharmacy records management, gather requirements for designing a computerized pharmacy stock control management system, design and develop a computerized pharmacy stock control management system, test, implement and validate the system. Data was gathered using interviews, observation and questionnaires. The collected data was sorted and analyzed using Microsoft excel software and it was found out that the current manual system is un efficient, time and space consuming in addition to being insecure hence judged not good for the management of records. After gathering the requirements, entity relation diagrams and data flow diagrams were used to design the computerized system. Microsoft Visual basic was used to create user interface while Ms- Access was used to create the database. The computerized pharmacy stock control management system developed enables electronic capturing of pharmacy records. Storing of data is done in an electronic database which eases the retrieval of the same data any time by only authorized people. The developed computerized system also allows the backup of data on movable devices like flash disks, memory cards and external hard drives which increases the capacity of backup. The computerized system reduces a burden of over compiling of papers and the need for more shelves which reduce congestion in the hospital pharmacy.
Description: A research report submitted to the School of Computing and Information technology in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Information Technology of Kampala International University
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