The Contributions of Functional Adult Literacy to the Socio-Economic Welfare of Women: A Case of Women Beneficiaries in Laroo Division Gulu Municipality, Gulu District.

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Kampala International University, bachelor's degree in social work and social administration
The study is about the extent to which women in Laroo division have benefited from the Functional Adult Literacy (F AL) programmes in terms of socio-economic, decision-making and health improvements. It is based on the case of women beneficiaries in Laroo division Oulu municipality, Oulu district. The study assesses the contribution of Functional Adult Literacy programmes to socio-economic welfare of women in Laroo division, to find the degree to which Functional Adult Literacy have been successful in achieving their objectives and benefiting the participants through social, economic, decision making and health improvements. The methods used by researcher were personal interviewing of respondents, and Focus Group Discussions. The researcher discovered that the majority of the women in Laroo division have benefited from F AL and thus their lives have greatly improved as a result, they head families like men. However, women who are in groups have benefited more from F AL than those who are not in groups. Non-participants have remained poor and ignorant of importance of F AL and so the researcher recommends that focus should be on those very poor non-participating women particularly in rural areas, if the programmes are to be more successful.
A Dissertation Submitted As a Partial Fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor in Social Work and Social Administration Kampala International University
Functional Adult Literacy, Socio-Economic Welfare, Women, Women Beneficiaries, Gulu District