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Title: Electronic banking and service delivery in orient bank limited, Kampala Central Division Kampala, Uganda
Authors: Saqlain, Muhammad
Keywords: Electronic banking
Service delivery
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Abstract: The study intended to establish the relationship between "Electronic Banking and Service Delivery in Orient Bank Limited, Kampala, Uganda". The findings indicated that majority of respondents were male (68%) in the age bracket of 20-39 years (46%), most of respondents (3 7%) were Bachelor holders, a large number of the respondents in this sample were tellers (34%) and had worked for 2-3 years (53.3%), these were followed by those who have worked for 3 years and above (33.3%) and only 13.3% had worked for 1-2 years. Regarding Electronic Banking, the findings reveal that, Network administration and ATM was rated the highest (average mean=2.86), Security management (average mean=2.84), E-commerce Application (average mean=2.73), Internet banking server (average mean=2.51), Core processing system and cost (mean=51), Automated decision support systems (mean=2.50), and Internal network servers (mean=2.40) as well as an overall mean of 2.62. Regarding service delivery; Respect for customers was ranked the highest (average mean=3.00), followed by Professionalism (Average mean=2.81 ), Unity of purpose (Average mean=2.80), Effective corporative governance (average mean=2.74), Creativity and innovation (average mean = 2.70), Team work (average mean=2.68) and finally with an overall mean of 2.79). The findings indicated a positive significant relationship between electronic Banking and the extent of service delivery in Orient Bank Limited, Main Branch-Kampala Central Division, Uganda, since the sig. value (0.037) was less than 0.05 which is the maximum level of significance required to declare a significant relationship in social sciences. Basing on these results the stated null hypothesis was rejected and a conclusion made that increased electronic Banking influences the extent of service delivery in Orient Bank Limited, Main Branch-Kampala Central Division, Uganda. The research recommended that, Orient Bank Limited Implement policies and controls according to the sensitivity and importance of data; Update plans, policies and systems regularly, removing key elements of sensitivity risk assessments; Develop e-banking systems in tandem with regularly tested bank contingency, business continuity and customer service plans; Identify expertise. as well as address staffing needs, and training Requirements; Monitor developments and changes in relevant consumer and banking laws, rules and regulations, and take adequate measures to ensure compliance and Assess the legality of customer transfers and ensure that all relevant information has been included.
Description: A thesis presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research of Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Award of the Degree of Master of Business Administration, Banking and Finance
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