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Title: Factor Affecting Performance of Children with Hearing Impairment in Akokoro Sub County in Apac District
Authors: Ogwal, Jolly Joe Bob
Keywords: Special needs education
Issue Date: Sep-2014
Publisher: Kampala International University, School of Education
Abstract: The study was on factors affecting academic performance of children with hearing impairment in Apac district. Chapter One contains Background of the study, Problem Statements which include negative attitude of both parents and teachers, lack of trained teachers in schools, lack of instructional materials and communication barrier which to some extent the problems have been addressed by inclusive education in place, classroom construction by government and other Non - Governmental Organization. The Chapter also presents Purpose of the Study, Objectives which examine how attitude affect the academic performance of children with hearing impairment find out how lack of trained teachers in Special Needs Education affect performance and the effect of Instructional materials on poor performance. The significance of the Study, Limitation, Conceptual framework and Definition of terms are included in this section. In Chapter Two, Both Conceptual review and review of related literature on books, bulletins, Journals, Modules, Internets were done. Chapter Three include the research design and the quantitative research design was used to get views and options. There is also study population, Samplings and Data Collection Methods. Data's were collected using questionnaire, Interview guide and focus group discussion. Data were then collected using focus group discussion from parents of children with hearing impairment, interview guide was used to collect data from District Education Officer, District Inspector of Schools, Headteachers, Local Community, children with hearing impairment and Non- Governmental Organizations. The Chapter also presents procedure for data collection and data analysis after necessary data's were collected from respondents. In Chapter Four, Presentation, Analysis and Discussion which was based on attitude and performance, training and performance, Instructional material and performance and different categories of respondents were used like Headteachers of sampled schools, District Education V Officer, District Inspector of Schools, Children with hearing impairment, Local Community, Parents of children with hearing impairment, and Non-Governmental Organizations. Summary, Conclusion and Recommendation was presented in Chapter Five and the Conclusion made in Objective one showed that teaching and learning of children with Hearing Impairment in Apac District was not effective due to reasons like limited time in assisting these children, Lack of Parental Care. In Objective Two, the Conclusion drawn included lack of trained teachers in Special Needs Education; there is Communication barrier between learners with Hearing Impairment, teachers and parents and also problems in modifying Curriculum by teachers. Limited use of Instructional Materials, Displays and Lack of proper storage facilities for Instructional materials were the conclusion made in Objective three. In this Chapter, Recommendations are stated an example is more teachers to be trained in Special Needs Education; locally available materials are to be used in teaching. Team teaching and Curriculum Modification be done for learners with Hearing Impairment to benefit from education.
Description: A Research Report Submitted In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Award of Bachelor in Special Needs Education of Kampala International University
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