Financial management and business growth in Post bank city branch Kampala, Uganda.

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Effective financial management is a comer stone to business growth and expansion of an organization. Most organizations which have competed well and expanded in the business exercise effective financial management. Therefore, if there is reluctance in the financial management, the institution growth is retarded and even may collapse given the current stiff competition in the business world. Post bank, Uganda seem to have all these qualities and if nothing is done it is increasing alarming that it would be a highly competed in the environment off by private sector in business world. Therefore, this study was aimed at assessing effects of financial management and business growth of Post bank in Uganda taking Kampala city branch as a case study. The study specifically assessed the procedure used in financial control systems, challenges and impacts of financial control on business growth in post bank. During the study the researcher used questionnaires and document analysis in the collection of data. The result of the study indicated with exceptional of monthly internal auditing and computerization of financial, control system the performance of all other financial control system were below the average standards and the most devastating impacts on public relation, transparency in accountability. The researcher recommended that if the salary is paid in time, corruption reduced and bureaucracy process minimized then the current situation this bank would be reversed.
A Research Report Submitted to College Of Economics and Management Sciences In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement For the Award of a Bachelors' Degree In Business Administration Of Kampala International University
Financial management, Business growth, Post bank city branch Kampala, Uganda