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Title: Civil society organizations and modernization of agriculture in Yambio County, Gbudwe State, South Sudan
Authors: Mborihenga, Ignatius
Keywords: Civil society organizations
Gbudwe State
South Sudan
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Kampala International University
Abstract: This study was done to assess the role of Civil Society Organizations in the modernization of agriculture in Yambio County and it was guided by the following research objectives; to assess the level of agricultural production in Yambio County; to examine the activities of these CSOs aimed at modernizing agriculture in Yambio County and to analyze the challenges faced by them in the process of modernizing agriculture in Yambio County. The study employed a cross-sectional Survey design, in which 203 questionnaires were given to households in Yambio Payam, and 12 key informants were interviewed. The findings revealed that there is insufficient food production in Yambio and therefore, its availability is limited. The majority of the community cannot afford three meals a day because they do not cultivate large fields. A household of four members cannot produce 300 kg of maize per a year and this is a low level of productivity. The research finding exposed a mean value of 2.38 for the activities executed by CSOs for modernizing agriculture; implying activities were sub-standard and not effective enough to support modernization of agriculture. It also infers that CSOs have limited capacity and poor funding which contributed to the ineffectiveness of these organizations. Indeed the study findings revealed that many challenges faced civil society organizations in modernizing agriculture in Yambio County and this had an average mean of 3.36 which is equivalent to high on Likert Scale; such as low capacity in financial management, lack of expertise and proficiency for CSOs chores. These challenges constrained CSOs from implementing conventional agriculture. The study recommends that a household should operate a farm size of more than 1 hectare of land at least as the weighted median threshold of operated land. CSOs should support mechanization of agriculture as to increase productivity at low costs and provide improved seeds to ensure quality of produce as to commercialize agriculture. The study submits that civil society organizations in Yambio need capacity building for fundraising, finance management and expertise in service delivery- modernization of agriculture. The government should be collecting and reporting agricultural statistics and providing standards of measurement for agricultural produce that are brought for sale.
Description: Dissertation available full text (soft and hard copy)
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