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Title: Contribution of culture on girl child education in Rubongi sub county in Tororo district
Authors: Ochieng, Joseph
Keywords: Culture
Girl child education
Rubongi sub county
Tororo district
Issue Date: Jan-2019
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: This study was set out to investigate on cultural factors and rural women/Girls' education in Rubongi Sub-County in Tororo District. The three objectives guided the study. These are; i) to determine the extent to which cultural values have affected rural women economic empowerment in Rubongi sub-county in Tororo District, -(ii) to determine the extent to which cultural norms do affect the girls' education in Rubongi Sub County in Tororo District, (iii) to examine the extent to which cultural beliefs have contributed to rural women/girls' education in Rubongi •Sub- County in Tororo .. Research methodology used, descriptive research design characterized by qualitative and quantitative was used in the study while presenting the findings. Findings, it was discovered that, the majority of the respondents in the study were females contributing to 83.6%, both males and females constituting to 86% were found to be married, 74.4% of the respondents were discovered to be literate. In regards to the above general objective, thus to establish the contribution of cultural factors on Girls' Education in Robongi Sub county, the finding shows that cultural practices discriminated girls from boys, meaning that girls were found to be not well supported in comparison to the boys. They are considered as people who should grow, and bring dowry to the clan. Conclusion; -in regards to the demographic profile of the respondents who were involved in the study, the researcher worked with the right people since the majorities were married and literate, meaning that they were knowledgeable about the topic of the study. Considering all the three objectives, negative level of effect to the rural women/girls on education was realized. Recommendations; according to the findings, cultural practices that go against the spirit of globalization to the extent of affecting rural women/girls' education negatively, making them to think about having no future should be discarded constitutionally in order for this people to enjoy their rights holistically.
Description: A Research Report Submitted To The Department Of Social Sciences, In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirement For The Award Of A Degree In Social Work And Social Administration Of Kampala International University, Uganda
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