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Title: Primum homo esto [let him first be a man] through parenting: an immortal legacy; implications to parents and teachers
Authors: Sumil, Novembrieta
Sumil, Manuel O.
Sumil, Manuel Paul
Sumil, Manuel Ray
Sumil, Manuel Chris
Keywords: Behaviour management techniques
Experimental learning
Creative problem solving
Facilitated learning
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Jubzy Copy Print, Cebu City Philippines
Abstract: The character of a nation’s citizens is determined by how the parents raise and civilize their children. The child then needs a parent in a home where he can be told what is right and what is wrong, what works and what does not in a world of natural and man- made crisis and advanced technology. Parenting is child rearing. This book emphasizes raising the child at home with care, love and empathy towards being a responsible, well adjusted and well behaved member of society.
Description: Contact the authors through: [email protected] for availability of the full text.
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