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Title: Human Resource Planning and Employee Performance in Rwanda: A Perspective of Peoples Bank of Rwanda
Authors: Mbyemeire, Patrick
Deusdedit, Byabashaija
Tumwesigye, Mathias
Muhindo, Tadeo
Beyongyera, Julius
Nyabuhuzi M., Donatien
Keywords: Planned Training
Employee Performance
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: SAS Publishers
Abstract: This article established the correlation between Human Resource Planning and Employee Performance in Rwanda; a case study of Peoples Bank of Rwanda. Utilizing Retrospective, descriptive survey research design, a close ended questionnaire and an interview schedule were employed to gather information which was utilized to respond to research questions related to the variables under study. Data was analyzed employing descriptive statistics like mean and item analysis, frequencies, percentages, tables, Pearson Linear Correlation Coefficient and Bar graphs. Human Resource Planning is significantly related to employee performance in Peoples bank of Rwanda, main branch in Rwanda. The researcher recommended that management should always focus on what the employees need in terms of training in order to improve their performance and the subsequent productivity. Sponsorship of employees for further studies should be taken as a priority by managers of people‟s bank of Rwanda because it is through training that employees can acquire relevant knowledge and skills required for better performance in any organization. Management should also keep on considering the relevant employee needs assessment during the planning process in order to arrive at proactive decisions for the organization at large.
Description: The article is available in full text
ISSN: 2348-5302
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