Mobile-based farmer market information application: case study NAADS

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Mobile-based farmer market information application: case study NAADS
Under normal circumstance, farmers should benefit most from their produce but often middleman do. This is because the middleman often misrepresentation the true cost of the produce to the farmers and in this confusion farmer’s end up being cheated because of this information gap (middlemen often under price the produce and take a bigger share of farmers incomes). In this research, we have designed, implemented and tested a mobile and web-based system that will aid farmers by timely checking on mobile phones for the current price for their agricultural products in various markets around the major markets like Kireka, Nakawa, Owino, Karerwe, Kiseka and Nakasero markets. This price information is updated by NAADS officials and uploaded on their servers
Research report submitted to the College of Applied Science and Technology for the study leading to a project in partial fulfillment to the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of Information Technology, Kampala International University.
Mobile-based, Farmer, Market, Information application