A responsive concurrent supermarket billing system: a case study of Fine Fair Supermarket

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Kampala International University; School of Computing and Information Technology
This project is about supermarket billing system. Fine Fair supermarket was used as a case study. The current system was found to be completely manual faced with numerous problems like duplication, poor user interface, poor processing speed of the software and sometimes hanging due to workload. This project consists of five chapters and they include amongst the following: Chapter one consists of the introduction, the background, problem statement, the objectives, scope and the significant of the study. Chapter two is about literature review and how they are related to the billing system. Chapter three talks about the methodological part of the system. This involves the tools used to collect data, design tools and software specifications. In chapter four, it describes how the system was analyzed, designed and implemented A system was designed using tools like ERDs, Ms Access for the Database and Visual Basic for graphical user interface. This system is fast, convenient in terms of storage, makes it easy to share information and it is user friendly. The last chapter of this report talks about system discussion, recommendation and conclusion.
A project report submitted to the School of Computer Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Award of a Degree in Information Technology of Kampala International University.
Supermarket billing system, Fine Fair Supermarket