An assessment of effective use of computers in auditing: case study of Price water house Coopers

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Kampala International University: College of Economics and management
The study on "the effective use of computers in auditing" is very important due to the facts that, in today's global business conduct and the economic performance in general largely depend on critical analysis and reliable information from various sources of information. These sources of information are of different types, ranging from the engineers, economist, financial analysts, auditors, accountants etc. In this context auditing as one and most important source of information concerning the reliability of financial statement and non-financial matters in an organization, like management performance and operation of the activities. The information are of extremely important to a number of persons ranging from, Shareholders, Investors, Management, Government and others as a bases for their rational decision. Previously auditing was carried out through manual system but today due to complexity of businesses, which is associated with time constraints the use of computers in auditing has proved inevitably. Due to that fact, the researcher decided to carry out a research on the effective use of computers in auditing in order to establish its reliability on its execution of the process. The researcher was also interested to know the advantages and problems or challenges that the auditors might face when they keep in use of computers in auditing. Basically, this is the observable fact, which this dissertation endeavors to address within the context of PwC, which is my case study. In undertaking the study, the researcher decided to use various techniques (as described in chapter three of the dissertation) of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data collected, from which 80% out of 100% of the selected sample was used as a decision criteria to validate the problem as to whether computers are effectively assisting PwC auditors in auditing.
A research report submitted to the School of Business and Management in partial fulfillment for the requirement of the Award of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration of Kampala International University.
Use of computers in auditing, Price water house Coopers