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Title: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) program’s and quality of children’s education rights in Galkio Somalia
Authors: Hassan Farah, Abdikadir
Keywords: United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
Children’s education rights
Galkio Somalia
Issue Date: Jul-2010
Publisher: Kampala International University. College of Humanities and Social Sciences
Abstract: The study was set to examine the effect of UNICEF Program on children education right’s in Galkio, Somalia. The study objectives were to examine the effect of UNICEF on provision of education for children, to assess the effect of UNICEF on the protection of children education and to examine the effect of UNICEF on children’s participation in education in Galkio, Somalia. The data was collected 292 quantitative questionnaires and qualitatively from 17 key informant Interview. The study adopted a cross-sectional research design were the data collected was presented in the form of percentages, means, standard deviation, regression analysis and qualitative analysis from both the questionnaires and interview responses. The study results based on the data collected revealed that there was a significant effect of UNICEF on provision rights of children (Sig=0.000). On the study objective there exist no significant effect of UNICEF on protection rights of children (Sig=.694), The third objective reveal that there was no significant effect of UNICEF on participation rights of children in Galkio Somalia, the study results indicate that the mode of provided avenues of the study point that UNICEF has had a low effect on rights of children. The study conclude that UNICEF provide some contribution to provision of children education though limited avenues are still being cited in the manner of contributions, secondly limited effort has been established to enhance the functioning of the children rights regarding the protection in the education rights Finally UNICEF has further more had a low effect on the children participation in education. The study recommend for enhancements in the provisions of scholastic materials to children, development of a fund that can generate shelter and food requirements, there is need for ensuring education protection of children through provide legal security and educating the schools and parents on the need for developing the protection to the children in the schools and finally the study recommend that there is need for the development of children in line with the participation for the children.
Description: A Research Report Submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Partial Fulfilment for the Award of a Masters’ Degree in Human Rights and Development of Kampala International University
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