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Title: Domestic violence and children rights in Bosaso District Bari Region, Somalia
Authors: Bahja, Ali Mohamed
Keywords: Domestic violence
Children rights
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Science
Abstract: The study carried out was based on domestic violence and children rights in Bosaso District Bari Region, Somalia. The objectives of the study; to examine the effect of domestic violence on education of children in Bosaso Bari Somalia. To find out the effect of domestic violence on health of children in Bosaso Bari Somalia. To assess the effect of domestic violence on the feeding of children in Bosaso Bari Somalia. The study was conducted in Bosaso Somalia a district in the north eastern Bari region of Somalia. Its capital lies at Bosaso. This study employed a descriptive survey design. Provide pictures of specific content of technical research situations, social situations, or relationships. The population of the study in this research was 250,000 people who were the inhabitants of Bosaso district. Researchers used simple random sampling and purposeful sampling techniques. The researcher implied questionnaire and the interview guide. Data was entered into SPSS statistical tool for analysis, and the hypotheses was tested mainly considering relational statistics. The study concluded that domestic violence has a great impact on children’s education, health and feeding. Well, on education; the study findings indicated that education is among the children’s rights that are mostly affected by domestic violence in Bosaso Somalia. The study recommended that In order to address the problem of domestic violence in Somalia, there is an indispensable need to develop a comprehensive strategy by involving all the concerned stakeholders. And thus dealing with violence against children therefore involves implementing measures to: Create safe, sustainable and nurturing family environments, and provide specialized help and support for families at risk of violence; Modify unsafe environments through physical changes.
Description: A dissertation submitted to college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the Requirements for award of Master’s Degree in Human Rights and development of Kampala International University
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