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Title: Impact of land conflicts on socio-economic life in Kismayo, Somalia
Authors: Haji Bihi, Dahir Abdi
Keywords: Land conflicts
Socio-economic life
Issue Date: Mar-2022
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Science
Abstract: The study sought to examine the relationship between impacts of land conflicts on socio-economic life in Kismayo Somalia. The study objectives were; to examine impact of land conflicts on education in Kismayo Somalia, to examine impact of land conflicts on household income in Kismayo Somalia, to analyze impact of land conflicts on community security in Kismayo Somalia. This study adopted a case study design. The study population was 166,667. However, a sample size of 399 respondents was determined using the Slovene's Formula. The researcher used purposive and simple random sampling methods. Both primary and secondary data was used. Primary data was collected from the respondents through self-administered questionnaire and key informant interview guide. The presentations were that on the gender of respondents, majority of the respondents were male who constituted 219 (61.5%) of the total respondents while the female were 137 (38.5%). The findings imply that the respondents were both male and female. It further implies that females dominated in provision of data given that the study and each gender was involved in the data collection. The study results on impact of land conflicts on education revealed that shortage of land in relation to demand, scarcity can leave many with little or no education services, grabbing the land leads to insecurity of tenure that creates a response that can limit education services and when local people have insecure tenure that reduce education services. The study recommends that for development of income projects in Kismayo through reducing the occurrence of conflicts. There is need for developing avenues of policies that can enable quick solving of conflicts. Land tribunals can also be developed by the federal government of Somalia to investigate and handle the land conflicts in Kismayo Somalia
Description: A research dissertation submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a master’s degree in Conflict Resolution And Peace Building of Kampala International University
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