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Title: Performance of Biomass Briquettes as an Alternative Energy Source Compared to Wood Charcoal in Uganda
Authors: Mahoro, Gloria Brenda
Eniru, Emmanuel Innocent
Omuna, Daniel
Abdu, Yusuf Abdulfatah
Keywords: Biomass Briquettes
Wood charcoal
Carbonized and non-carbonized briquettes
Environmental Security
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: IJSES
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Science;Volume 1, Issue 6, pp. 55-60
Abstract: The environmental, financial and social questions, as well as the rapid increase in demand for energy fuels, emphasize the need to investigate and generate information on the performance of charcoal compared to briquettes as an alternative source of renewables in Kampala district. The study objective was to compare the performance of biomass briquettes as an alternative energy source to wood charcoal. The performance was measured using a modified water boiling test and a controlled cooking test. Data collected were analyzed using chi-square tests and cross tabulations on households’ socio-economic factors that promoted the popularity and use of briquettes or wood charcoal. Results from the modified water boiling test showed that the weight of wood charcoal, carbonized and non-carbonized briquettes consumed in boiling two litres of water is significantly different. From the controlled cooking test, the weight of charcoal used to cook dry beans is significantly higher than that of briquettes used to cook the same amount of beans. It was recommended that wood charcoal and briquettes perform similarly when used over short periods of time, but briquettes perform better over much longer periods.
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ISSN: 2456-7361
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