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Title: Drug resistant plasmodium falciparum parasites: a review of the resistance and failure of malaria eradication
Authors: Maniga, Josephat Nyabayo
Emmanuel, Eilu
Onkoba, Sarah Kemuma
Aliero, Adamu Almustapha
Miruka, Conrad Ondieki
Micheni, Lisa Nkatha
Keywords: Malaria
Sub Saharah Africa
Malaria Treatment
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: IJBAMR
Series/Report no.: Indian Journal of Basic and Applied Medical Research;Vol.-5, Issue- 1, P. 253-261
Abstract: Malaria infection remains the leading vector borne disease in the world today. Given the increasing report of resistance or poor responses to artemisinin based combination therapies (ACTS), the sub-Saharan African region affected by the disease might receive a repeat of what happened during the emergence of chloroquine and sulfadoxine pyremethamine resistance. If such case arises, the malaria control efforts in the region may be compromised and the little success gained of intervention efforts may be eroded. Although the world has currently embraced the use of recommended artemisinin combination based therapies (ACTS) for the treatment of uncomplicated p. malaria. Current assessment of drug susceptibility and level of circulating resistant Plasmodium parasites is not full elucidated. Assessment of P. falciparum is thus necessary to sustain quality control programmes, appropriate use of therapy, and health policy advice in respect of malaria management in countries where malaria is endemic. This current paper brings out the challenge of antimalarial resistance in malaria eradication agenda.
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ISSN: 2250-2858
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