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Title: Design & implementation of double sensor automatic door lock security system using raspberry pi
Authors: Taremwa, Miriam
Keywords: Automatic robbery buglary system
Issue Date: Apr-2019
Publisher: Kampala International University. School of Engineering and Applied Science
Abstract: In this current situation, the degree of security is feeble. So there is a lot of robbery, theft going on in and around the world. So, people fear to keep any of their valuables in their homes. Henceforth, many people prefer to keep it in banks. However, in this insecure world even banks are not too safe enough to satisfy people needs. A common man/woman feels his/her valuables are secured if there is efficiency in security. Hence this project can give effective security in minimal cost. Index-Terms: Raspberry pi, Servo motor, LCD 16x2, Proximity sensor, RFID.
Description: The work is available full text.
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