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    Project of Automatic Load Monitoring System.
    (Kampala International University, School of engineering and applied science, 2021-11) Mohammed, Ali Osman Elnour
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    Design and Implementation of a four-dimensional automatic accident avoidance system
    (Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2018-09) Isaac, Mure; Daniel, Rwotolara
    This report contains five chapters, in chapter one, as an introductory part of this project report, contained in chapter, we first define what accident is, the background of the study, that is to say, how the problem started or what prompted us to carry out the project. the problem statement, this is about the challenges we are solving, the main objective, specific objectives, significance of the study, and scope of the study. in chapter two, this chapter covers the literature review; here we look at the existing technology. this chapter also contains the history of the project, and the components used. in chapter three, it entirely covers the methodology, circuit diagram, block diagram, flow chart. chapter four. this chapter entails the system analysis and the design of the project prototype. it also includes the results from the system design process. in chapter five, it is majorly the conclusion and recommendation. also, in this chapter we look at the further research on this project, and finally the references we used and the appendix.
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    Password based security gate system powered by hybrid power supply with solar charging system
    (Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2018-09) Sadiq, Iya Ahmad
    Automatic gate is one of most usefully thing to use in companies, colonies, collages, homes, and schools. There is some type to operate a gate such as a sliding on screw or on rack and pinion, piston operated, rotary. Design is available for some type of operation and it is most costly also When installation and maintenance cost is not yet been considered. The main objective of this Project is to study, analyze, and provide an enhanced design and performance of power supply, and also use it to power the automatic gate system. There are different types of mechanism used to operate gate. Those methods are finite element modeling and mechanical design concept and theories. In this system, the microcontroller is programmed with a default password. Whenever the right password is entered using 4x4 keypad. The microcontroller will give command to motor driver, and DC motor will open and close after some seconds. At the same time, LCD display the Situation, red LED shows the gate is closed, green LED shows the password is correct. In addition to this, a push button is added so that you can press it when you are coming out, you don’t need to password again. The power supply is of two types, hybrid. There is AC main power stepped down from 220V to l2V. The DC power is from rechargeable battery, recharged by a lOW solar panel. The work was successful. It is evidence that the use MCU with the right circuitry can be used to operate a security system, and the project was effective to give maximum security. So, the implementation rate is inexpensive and it is reasonable by a common person. Hence it can be afforded to purchase such security gate system to keep your property safe without any worries. I also recommend to improve on this project by adding other features like, using Bluetooth signal or remote signal. It can also be a finger print module. Lastly, I give my further research about the 1 2V rechargeable battery, the circuit needs 9V battery to be connected together with the AC supply. So, my recommendation of further research is to improve on this circuit so that you can be able to step the 1 2V battery to 9V
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    Design and implementation of an electronic ordering and library management system case study: Kampala International university library
    (Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2018-09) Wanyirae, Odongo Haruna; Aziz, Abdul Idd
    The main objective of this project is to design and Implement an affordable and reliable Electronic Ordering and library management system, taking Kampala International University library as a case study. Specific objects include to design MySQL database that will be used as library management system, install the designed database on a laptop where students can easily view the catalog and identify books and their book short forms or book codes, to provide a keypad where students will type the preferred book short forms or book codes to place an order and To construct the transmitting section using RE transmitter, LCD (16 by 2), Arduino Uno Board, and +5V power supply. (Transmitting section is where the order is placed from. To construct the receiver section using RE receiver, LCD (16 by 2), Arduino Uno Board, buzzer, switch and +5V power supply. The need to provide an easy way to view the available books in the library by the students and also to enable librarians to access the easiest means to keep track of the library records through designing an easy “to use and understand” database, makes the electronic ordering and library management system crucial in the modern world. To eliminate time wasted on making queues, writing chits about the books students want and using a lot of words to make a librarian understand, calls for the establishment of this system. The most crucial fact about the system is that it is cheap, reliable, easy to maintain and very effective in operation and hence can be afforded by the University. This report consists of five chapters; Chapter One-Introduction: It gives a brief introduction and background for this project. Chapter two-Literature review: It gives an overview of the literature of all components used to build up the project. Chapter three-Methodology: It explains the system design, i.e., architecture and interfacing of the devices used. Chapter four-Results and discussion: Describes the results and output of the system. Chapter five-Conclusions and Future Scope: It gives the conclusions drawn from this project and brief ideas about future development works that can be undertaken
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    Design and construction of a dynamic and sonic scarecrow using Atmega 328p microcontroller a case study: Tilda ltd in Bugiri district
    (Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 2018-09) Yassin, Majid; Juleet, Ngabijai
    Dynamic and sonic scarecrow technology is an easy and reliable way to control major avian crop pests like birds and or animals. This Scarecrow decreases crop damage by dispersing birds in a safe and human way. The main aim of the project was to design and construct a bird repellent prototype that is dynamic and play sounds of distress to disperse off the birds. Two wireless communicating devices being controlled by an Amega328P microcontroller were developed with the help of RF modules consisting of sound producing system, rotating system and a motion sensor which were used as inputs to the microcontrollers when motion is detected, and the servo motors and the buzzer are activated. When the system design was powered the servo motors rotated, and a sound of distress was produced after motion detection. In conclusion, the technology of this modem scarecrow has many applications which include reducing financial loss due to crop damage caused by birds, reliable, human and safe agricultural bird dispersal, and the chosen bird control system for farming industry.