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Title: An assessment of degree of service quality of some selected commercial banks in central Uganda ; perception of bank customers.
Authors: Burani, Aluonzi
Sunday, Arthur
Turyahebwa, Abanis
Byamukama, Eliab
Sumil, Manuel
Keywords: banking
bankers perception
customer perception
commercial banks
service quality
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: ESRSA Publications Pvt ltd
Series/Report no.: International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology(IJERT);;vol. 2 issue 2;
Abstract: This study was concerned with the assessment of degree of service quality provided by some selected commercial banks in central Uganda.‭ ‬The objectives of the study were to determine‭ (‬i‭) ‬demographic profiles‭ (‬ii‭) ‬degree of service quality and‭ (‬iii‭) ‬significant differences between services provided by the selected commercial banks.‭ ‬The study employed ex post facto design,‭ ‬cross sectional survey,‭ ‬correlation design and quantitative paradigm.‭ ‬Self-Administered Questionnaires were used with CVI‭ = ‬0.85‭ ‬and reliability of r‭ = ‬0.95‭ ‬obtained using cronbach alpha method.‭ ‬Data was analyzed using descriptive statistics and t-test.‭ ‬The major findings included male being majority‭ (‬52%‭) ‬and female‭ ‬48%.‭ ‬In terms of age group of‭ (‬20-39‭); ‬obtained‭ ‬81%‭ ‬and‭ ‬60‭ ‬and above were‭ ‬3%.‭ ‬Diploma holders were‭ ‬32%‭ ‬and Ph.D holders were‭ ‬1%.‭ ‬UBA customers being majority‭ (‬58%‭) ‬and Global Trust Bank score‭ ‬42%.‭ ‬In terms of determining the degree of service quality in selected commercial banks in central Uganda,‭ ‬the responsiveness,‭ ‬competence,‭ ‬credibility,‭ ‬security,‭ ‬accessibility and understanding of the service were rated successful apart from reliability of the service which was rated was fair meaning not reliable.‭ ‬With t value‭ = ‬2.401‭ ‬and sig or p‭ = ‬0.017‭ ‬at‭ ‬0.05‭ ‬level of significance alternative hypothesis was accepted to the effect that there is a significant difference in degree of service quality as perceived by customers of the two selected Commercial Banks in Central Uganda.‭ ‬The study recommended the banks to change customer perception and win the good will from the customers,‭ ‬the staff should endeavor to provide the service promptly,‭ ‬quickly and accurately and the service provider should have alternative power to enable the service provider work‭ ‬24‭ ‬hours.
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ISSN: 2278-0181
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