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    Utilization Of Blockchain Technology By U pdf For Supply Chain Transparency And Traceability
    (Journal of Applied Sciences, Information and Computing (JASIC), 2023-11) Sulle Tabu Ale & V. S. Manjula
    To sustain ethical sourcing practices, prevent the sale of counterfeit goods, and increase consumer confidence, organizations must provide transparency and traceability in their supply chains. This case study focuses on the Uganda People's Defense Forces (UPDF) and examines the creation and implementation of a blockchain-based application for improving supply chain transparency and traceability. The main goal is to look into how a blockchain application may enhance supply chain management, decrease corruption, and increase accountability in the UPDF's logistics and procurement procedures. In order to provide transparency, immutability, and decentralized control, the app will use blockchain technology to record and verify each stage of the supply chain, from purchase through delivery. The investigation will take into account whether the UPDF has access to the infrastructure and training required to use blockchain technology. A mixed-methods approach will be used to combine quantitative data from transaction logs and supply chain records with qualitative data from stakeholder interviews and observations. The study will evaluate the app's effects on supply chain efficiency, transparency, and traceability as well as any risks and rewards of integrating blockchain technology into the UPDF's supply chain ecosystem. Finally, this technique seeks to advance knowledge of how blockchain technology might enhance supply chain management in governmental and military contexts by examining the adoption of a blockchain-based app within the UPDF's supply chain. The results will advise policymakers, procurement officers, and R researchers on the applicability of block chain based apps for boosting supply chain transparency. They will offer insights into the viability, effectiveness, and potential barriers of using blockchain solutions
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    Computer-Based Data System of Patient’s Medical Archives
    (School of Computing and Information Technology, 2022-04) Mubark, Basher Mohamed Wadi
    Information is a very important aspect in our day-to-day activities to ensure effective communication. As result of this, Information Communication Technology plays a great role to guarantee efficient and effective communication within and among different institutions and organizations. In response to this, each organization/institution strives to make sure that there is a secure means of disseminating, storing and retrieving of information within their boundaries. This calls for an information system that is capable of handling all these tasks without fail. The outpatient department of Webuye District hospital has been used as a case study. With the use of computer database systems, it becomes easier to run and effectively coordinate the operations of the department bearing in mind the environment under which it operates (vast inhabited national referral hospital). Consequently, in this project, i have displayed database development using the system development life cycle to come up with a good database design for ease of operations within the department, using Microsoft Access and Visual Basic 6.0.
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    A secure computerized patient data management system for Nsambya General Clinic
    (School of Computing and Information Technology, 2012-07) Mwangima, Evans Mwendwa
    Patient Data Management Systems over the years have played an important role in the development of health institutions in first world countries. However this role has failed to be very effective in Africa especially in third world countries. Therefore the purpose of this study was focused at designing and implementing a computerized patient data management system. The study targeted Nsambya General Clinic and health institutions in particular. The research instrument was interviews because of its flexibility in the discussion of the matters that were used by the researcher. Observation was also used to supplement the interviews. The data collected was analyzed and presented in form of tables, graphs and charts for the purpose of interpretation and recommendations.
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    An android application for the provision of agricultural information to farmers and community: A case of lweru parish in Buikwe district
    (School of Computing and Information Technology, 2013-09) Hussein, Azizi; Rugandura, Arnold
    The generation of this is intended to show whatever that was covered in the field of research that took place between the months of December 2012 and January 2013. It shows the different areas in which skills were acquired. It also seeks to show how the acquisition of these skills benefited a person who took research, the challenges that were met and solutions used. In our research we covered mobile development platform, deployment of android application This still comprises of Microsoft.NET compact framework of the development environment
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    Development of a web based recruitment process system for info-com limited (Kampala)
    (Kampala International University.College of Computer and Informatiom Technology, 2010-06) Erick, Otieno Owiyo
    The objective of this project was to develop a computerized system. According to this scheme a Recruitment system has been developed for Info-Corn Limited. In the old process, the information of recruitment system was just stored in file base system. The new system is able to store all the information of recruitment in a database. And also deliver useful reports. In designing the database driven website, the researcher has used Macromedia Dreamweaver 8, PHP language and MySQL server. In the design of the user interfaces, Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 has been used for its support in incorporation of graphics in the process of PHP programming. Various literatures were reviewed in this report. This was done in order to get an overview of what has been done before concerning the problem. An overview of web based systems is given as well as various concepts concerning its implementation. Developing the system requires a number of information to be gathered, different techniques were adopted in order to collect the required information. Such as, fact finding technique which was conducted interview, observation and analyzing of the existing system. Details of the new system like system specification and Context Model Diagram for the new system are discussed. Finally the researcher’s findings of the study recommended adoption and usage of a web based system developed for the recruitment system, so as to improve on knowledge of manual record keeping of the applicants’, to improve application accessibility and help human resource department schedule for interviews automatically as well as managing the applicants files automatic