Bugolobi Nursing Home Database and Information Management System

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Kampala international international : School of computing and Information technology
In Uganda most health service providers are faced with a challenge of providing quality health services to the large number of patients and clients thus necessitating health service providers to continuously ensure availability of quality and timely data to enable the provision of better and improved health services to the patients. Bugolobi Nursing Home is one of the health service providers, but it uses a manual system which fails in provision of timely and quality data for its clients. Based on this background. Bugolobi Nursing Home Database and Management System was developed to ensure that challenge of providing quality health services and timely data are addressed. It is therefore on this remark that we chose to write about an electronic information system development project in a hospital setting- (Bugolobi Nursing Home).
A Project Report Submitted To the School Of Computer Studies For Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Degree of Information Technology and Information Systems of Kampala International University
Nursing Home, Information Systems