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Title: Re-habilitation & re-integration of post war communities in conflict resolution. Case study, Conflict Resolution of Post-War Abim District”
Authors: Anisa, Nura
Keywords: Re-habilitation
Post war communities
Conflict Resolution
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
Abstract: Abim district Is part of the Karamoja region in the Northeastern Uganda, it is curved out of Kotido district in is also occupied by one tribe known as ETHUR and they speak THUR language. Abim district lies within the hard to reach area of Uganda. The road connecting to Kotido and with few feeder roads were founded by GOAL Uganda though some areas remain without goo roads leading to social services like market, schools, hospitals among others. According the National Bueaural of Statistics report of 2009, AbIm was ranked among the districts In Uganda with higher levels of illiteracy and was number six in the whole country. In the recent years, the district has experienced usual dimatic events which have resulted into intense hot season lasting from November to march and the rainy season from. .Aprii to Auàust, The district is characterized by number of cultural practices’ both traditional’ and religious. Traditionai practices include the initiation ceremonies that are done to make, one quailfy to adulthood, others during child. ‘birth, and bride price payment .re1igious ceremonies include baptism, wedding etc.’ The main economic activities carried in Abim include charcoal burning, farming, retail shopping, cattle keeping, village saving, etc.
Description: A dissertation submitted to the college of humanities and social sciences in partial fulfilment for the requirements of the award of bachelor’s degree of social works and social administration at Kampala International University
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