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Title: Technology and performance of commercial banks in Uganda: the case of Centenary Rural Development Bank, Gulu Branch
Authors: Obita, Maurice
Keywords: Technology
Commercial banks
Centenary Rural Development Bank
Gulu Branch
Issue Date: Oct-2012
Publisher: Kampala International University, College of Economics & Management
Abstract: This study involved examining information technology and performance of Centenary bank, the case study of Gulu Branch. The objectives of the study were, to examine the extent to which computer usage affects productivity of Centenary Bank in Gulu Municipality., to assess the effect of ATM on the productivity of Centenary Bank in Gulu Municipality and to analyze how training staffs affect productivity of Centenary Bank in Gulu Municipality. A relevant review of related literature was carried out in line with stated objectives above. The data were generated from scholarly journals, government publications, text books and internet among other sources. Here comparisons to establish contrasts and similarities were derived accordingly. A cross-sectional case study research design was adopted as the main methods guide based upon which questionnaire, interviews and documents review were used to help in data collection. The study employed a sample of 65 participants picked from a population constituting staff, customers of the bank as well as District officials. Findings were obtained but the most salient ones included: that the bank’s ability in providing timely services to its clients falls short of the expected standards. The research also found a big gap in the expectation of customers in respect ofATM services. Conclusion and recommendations were drawn basing on the gaps identified during the study process. Recommendations are addressed to policy makers, the government and other stalceholders.
Description: A research report submitted to Faculty of Business Administration and Management as a partial fulfillment for the award of a Bachelor Degree in Commerce of Kampala International University
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