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    Micro Finance Institution and Client Welfare in Juba South Sudan
    (Kampala International University, bachelors degree in Commerce, 2014-05) Zindo, David Migie
    The research on: "Microfinance institutions and clients' welfare in Juba city." The research involved 100 respondents. The research was guided by the objectives of the study. The research was guided by the objectives of the study. The objectives included; examining the services offered by microfinance institutions Juba city; determining the clients' welfare served by the microfinance institutions; establishing if there is a significant relationship between microfinance institutions and the clients; and finding out the challenges faced by microfinance institutions in their attempt to improve on their clients' welfare. The study findings showed that majority of the respondents testified that, they had accessed capital to invest in productive projects, their income and savings had increased, their businesses had expanded, they could pay their children's school fees and their household welfare had improved. Although the majority of the spouses of the MFis male borrowers informed the study that their household incomes and welfare had not improved and they (women) had not benefited from the MFis. This problem was faced by the spouses of the MFis male borrowers not the female borrowers. This raised a question about who actually benefited from the MFis when it came to male borrowers. On the challenges met by microfinance institutions in their attempt to provide financial services to their clients, the study revealed that; ignorance of the public, low savings by the poor, poor financial management, public failure to pay debts, and lack of government support were the answers given by the respondents. Recommendations, the study concluded that there needs to be strong/vibrant microfinance institutions in South Sudan to serve the interest of the divergent clients in the country.
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    Financial management and performance of selected small and medium size enterprises in Uganda: case study: Samona Beauty Products Uganda Limited
    (Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management, 2013-08) Mubiru, Abbey
    This study analyzed ''Financial management and performance of selected small and medium sized enterprises in Uganda/ a case study of Samona Beauty Products Uganda Limited. /,'The study was guided by three specific objectives which were; (I) to find out the effect of working capital management on the performance of small and medium size enterprises, (ii) to determine the impact of budget control system on the performance of small and medium size enterprises and (iii) to establish the relationship between financial management and the performance of small and medium size enterprises. In conducting the research, both qualitative and quantitative methods were used as research methods to establish the correlation between the study variables. Self Administered Questionnaires were used while gathering primary data and review of the written data while collecting secondary data. 50 persons were taken as the sample size for the whole study population of employees in SMEs in Uganda and the collected information was coded and tabulated using statistical analysis for interpretation. The research findings indicated that there was a high positive correlation between inventory and sales/ performance levels in Samona Beauty Products Uganda limited and indication that the performance of SMEs is directly influenced by the financial management. The research further revealed the need to stock management systems and increase production levels so as to improve on the performance as sales volume increases. Basing on the findings, the researcher made recommendations which are to the effect that SMEs should put more emphasis on proper cash management in order to achieve better performance levels through increased sales from high quality products and that the organization needs to employ skilled laborers so that the financial management aspects are carried out effectively and efficiently for better performance.
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    Employee development and organizational performance a case study of : Uganda revenue authority
    (Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management, 2013-02) Elasu, Anthony
    The study sought to investigate the relationship between employee development and its Performance in organizations. Uganda Revenue Authority, Nakawa, as an illustrative Example. The study seeks to bring out the importance of employee development in organization performance. The objective of this research was to bring out the forms of employee development used at Uganda Revenue Authority, effects of these forms of development not only on the performance of employees but on the organization as a whole and challenges ,experienced in carrying out employee development programs. this research also consulted other views of different authors and scholars who worked )n the issue from libraries, journals, from different writers who worked hard to improve :he employee development and organizational performance through better performance, financial benefits, achieve objectives and improved production being some of the ways of improving employee development.
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    Microfinance institutions and poverty alleviation in Western Equatoria State of Southern Sudan: a case study of Maridi County
    (Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management, 2011-09) Adil, Peter; Darama
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    The role of financial institutions in poverty reduction in Kigali City: a case study of Fumbme Umurenge Sacco
    (Kampala International University.College of Economics and Management, 2015-10) Alfred, Mukunzi